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Pre-registration period: Begins Tuesday, June 30, 2020 and lasts until Rewrite: Fantasy is released.

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Rewrite: Fantasy is an adventure role-playing game launching on iOS and Android devices this summer. It features a 2D side-scrolling overworld, a character driven story, and a turn-based battle system. Quest, explore, and battle your way through a hand drawn world.

A mysterious void suddenly appeared in the sky.

From the void came Remnants, creatures with the power to rewrite reality.

In a world ravaged by these monstrous invaders, the Kingdom of Percheron has fallen.

Accused of treason for slaying the queen, a disgraced knight flees to the woodlands of Sorraia.

Cursed with visions of both the past and future, Avris embarks on a quest to clear her name and unravel the secrets of how the Remnants came to be.

While exploring, enemies will occasionally engage the party in a battle. Battles are turn based and all enemies must be defeated to win a battle.

In a normal battle, the health of each party member will constantly decline.

Red abilities inflict damage. Green abilities increase the selected party member’s attack potency. Blue abilities increase the selected character's defense while forgoing an attack.

Abilities cost Stamina Points (SP), indicated by the amount of yellow orbs on their icons. The more SP an ability costs, the stronger its attack will be.

TITLE: Rewrite: Fantasy


REGIONS: United States, Canada, Japan


PRICE: Free to play


SUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMS: iOS Version 10.0 or later, Android 4.4 or higher / minimum 2GB (RAM) memory required